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Image by Tetiana SHYSHKINA

Are you looking for a quality mobile portrait artist in the Tampa, FL area?


You should visit Sketch Tech -Thomas Murdock Senior Artist. I am a quality portrait sketch artist who works in both traditional and digital media. Although most of my art is 2-dimensional at this time, 3D is definitely something I am looking forward to trying in the future. I am most influenced by the school of Surrealism. By using the unusual juxtaposition of artists, I create unique portraits. The best way to describe the technique is the production of dreamlike themes. I can do a quality portrait at your home, place of business, or any location in the greater Tampa FL area. Just give me a call. I'll give you an estimate. I am a gifted artist who can create the ideal gift for you! Would you like a custom portrait to give to a loved one for their birthday or other holiday? Would you like to capture the essence of your child in portrait and send it off to loving grandparents or friends? Photographs are wonderful, but nothing conveys the beauty of an artist rendered portrait. Whether the portrait is for you or someone else, nothing will reflect the beauty of the moment like true portrait art. Give me a call today, I will travel to the location of your choice and create the ideal portrait for you.


So, if you live in the Tampa Bay FL area and are looking for a great artist who is the best mobile portrait artist in the area, look no further than Sketch Tech -Thomas Murdock Senior Artist. Give me a call today. I will give you a no obligation quote on a price for your portrait. I'm fast, courteous and accurate. My prices are competitive. I want to make you a customer for life, and tell your friends about my skills

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