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Custom Artist

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Do you live in Seffner, FL and wonder where you can find a custom artist?


Do you want quality portrait or landscape work done and really not know who to go to. Give me a call at Artistic Flair. I am a gifted and skilled custom artist who can render beautiful paintings for you. Simply give me a call and tell me what type of artwork you want done. Do you want portraiture or simply something unique to grace the walls of your home or business? In both instances, I am the artist for the job. I am expert in most areas of paint and sketching. Do you want a painting of you, your entire family, or just a special child or grandchild. My skill will capture the beauty of the person at this stage of life. It will be a piece that can be looked upon with admiration for years to come. My influence comes from the School of Surrealism, but my art is adaptable to many circumstances and styles. Just tell me the look or feel you want reflected in the piece of art I will do for you. I can customize my work to your preferences. We can sit down together and come up with an ideal you will love and be proud to show in your home. 


Are you planning an event that can utilize the skills of an event artist? I can paint portraits or do any other type of exhibitionist type art that will make your next event a success. People love getting custom art pieces created by an event artist at a fundraiser. They will leave the venue with a lasting memory of the time they spent there. What better memento than a piece of custom art from a talented event artist? Call me today; I'll quote you a competitive price on your custom artwork. I look forward to capturing your memories on canvas.

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