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Live Sketch Artist


Lakeland, FL folks who are looking to hire a live sketch artist who can create amazing caricatures at their next event or charitable outing are in luck.


Give me a call at Artistic Flair and I can arrange to sit in as artist at your next occasion. My talents are immense. I can create endearing, funny, and uncanny caricatures for your guests at your next occasion. Whether you are holding a fair, dinner, festival, or other fundraiser, you want entertainment that will enhance your event and make it a memorable occasion people will talk about for weeks, months, and years to come. Look no further. I am a talented artist who creates great caricatures that people love. The party will definitely pick up once I start churning out these mini masterpieces at your next event. People become engaged and can't stop talking about the uncanny caricature that was created for them at your fundraiser. I am a great live sketch artist to have at these events. Give your patrons a memorable caricature to take home along with their great memories of the event they just attended. Along with caricatures, I am also a skilled and talented portrait artist.  Have you ever considered getting a quality portrait made of you, your spouse, children, romantic partner, friends, or pets? If so, I am the best in the area. Not only can I produce a beautiful portrait that will sit in state in your home or office, but I offer a mobile portrait service as well. In other words, for folks living in the Lakeland, FL area, I will come anywhere you want, whether it is home, office or elsewhere, create a portable artist studio, and create your portrait right then and there. I understand these are busy times and you can't always get out going to pay a visit to an artist. I bring the artist studio to you instead. 


So if you are looking for a great live sketch artist to grace your next fundraiser or event, give me a call. I can provide great caricatures to help your guests remember the occasion. Additionally, if you are looking for a great portrait artist who can travel to your designated place to produce a work of art, I am the only artist you will ever need.

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